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How to know your Frame Size?

1. if you've an existing eyeglass

Find out the Frame Size which will fit you the best from your Lens Width. You can find it inside one of your temples. It is usually a number written between 40 to 70.

Lens Width & Frame Size

Frame Size

Eyeglasses Lens Width


Below 51 mm

Small Eyeglasses >


51 mm- 54 mm

Medium Eyeglasses >


Above 54 mm

Large Eyeglasses >

2. if you don't have an existing eyeglass
1. Take a Debit/Credit card
This is the approximate width of a medium Eyeglass, Sunglass
2. Stand in front of a mirror.
Place one tip of the card on center of your nose and touch the other towards the edge of eye.
3. Now check the position of the card: -
If card extends beyond the corner of the eye
Size is SMALL
If card roughly touches the corner of the eye
Size is MEDIUM
If card doesn't reach the corner of the eye
Size is LARGE